Simple Interactive Agency Operating Model

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

October 4, 2011. Earlier today I got a copy of the eMarketing Textbook from Quirk, an interactive agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. The text book is an extensive overview of digital marketing practices and currently on its fourth edition. I got wind of it from a source I trust in the industry so I plan to work my way through it over the next couple of weeks.

As I began reading though the introduction by Rob Stokes – CEO of Quirk, I became stuck on the operating model he introduced for the agency about a year ago. Essentially, the agency began organizing around four core functional areas with discrete, but interrelated responsibilities:

  • Think: research, plan and develop strategy
  • Create: build digital assets – web, email, mobile, social properties
  • Engage: driving traffic to assets
  • Optimize: make assets work better

Before this, Quick was mostly organized around 15 or so departments such as search (paid and organic), creative, email, etc. Basically the tactical teams that define skill sets. Within the new model, the tactical skills roll up to a broader function and I would imagine occasionally cross functions depending on the assignment or need.

At first glance, I have to say I like this model. I personally can imagine Think, Create, and Engage as being part of linear process with Optimize being a building block that is holds up the rest of the functional areas.

Is this a good operating model for an agency or internal digital teams? Is there any innovation in this? What are the best operating models for agencies and internal digital teams?


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