My 2011 Technology Year-in-Review

December 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

December 19, 2011. This year has been a fun one for technology. Some in and some out, but overall new technology played a role in my life in 2011. Here are some of the memorable moves:

  • Upgraded from iPhone 3G to 4: I only had the 3G for a short time, but was very happy with the 4. Slimmer feel, better screen, lower profile, etc. Definitely a good move.
  • Upgraded to IOS5: Overrated, but the homepage notifications are very cool. Getting the cloud features set up are a bit confusing.
  • Upgraded Macbook from Snow Leopard to Lion: I just did this over the weekend and so far so good. Will have to do a little tinkering to get used to, but did have to switch the scrolling direction back to the old style. Not entirely sure why Apple reversed it. On a positive note…the upgrade was beyond easy.
  • Retired the iPod: I really should say it retired itself, but when it turned off and never back on again I just put it down. I used to still use it for running and just other random uses – like not wanting to use my phone to play music on the stereo. However, I have given up the IPod (for now…I just won a shuffle so this conversation might be moot).
  • Signed up for Neflix Streaming: I have turned my Netflix account on and off about 10 times in the last 7 years. Back in the DVD days, sometimes it was convenient and other times not. As On Demand got better…ordering DVDs just seemed a pain. However, I now use Netflix to stream old TV shows like Friday Night Lights and Mad Men while traveling. Also, great on the xBox as there is a good library of movies for kids (I have two of them).
  • Signed up for Spotify: Got on the list early and fell in love with Spotify almost immediately. Upgraded to Premium shortly thereafter and enjoy Spotify on all devices. Have it hooked up to Facebook, which people either love or hate, but what I am listening to always makes for interesting conversation now.
  • Stopped using Pandora,, and “other” applications: See above.
  • Stopped Daily Coupon Sites: Loved em at first, just sick of them now. However, I still won’t take myself of the mailing list…not sure why. Something makes me feel like I would miss something.
  • Dropped Logitec / GoogleTV: A big disappointment. In several places I have written about Google TV and its promise. I still believe SmartTV is on its way, but the least Google could have done was make what promised to be a good experience minimally viable. Beyond the clumsiness of the user interface, my Logitech box stopped working.
  • Got Flipboard: Very cool app for news.  Flipping is much better than scrolling.
  • Got Instagram: I only wish I could do what some other folks do (taking multiple applications to create an instagram – otherwise called instababs?). Seen really cool stuff from others and have had some fun myself.
  • IMDB: Have had the app for a while now, but outside of banking, email, and other functional apps, IMDB is possibly my most used app. I love when someone asks “who is that actor?”
  • Joined Google+: Got on board, but don’t really use it. We will see about next year.
  • Joined Diaspora: Same as above, but with less enthusiasm.
  • Wait listed for Bank Simple and I suppose these will both be part of the story in 2012.

I think this covers my big technology moves for 2011. I am sure I forgot some, but this is at least what I can remember in 15 minutes. Would love to hear about technology moves in 2011 from anyone else.


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