Google+ Pushing Further onto Search Results Page

March 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

3.22.12 Today, for the first time, I noticed Google+ integrating much deeper into the Google search experience. Backing up, the first level of integration included a small area above the search results pointing out connections with a search query to people or pages within an individual’s Google+.  Nothing too crazy, but a subtle reminder that the people or pages you follow might have some relevance to your search.

However, Google is now taking it the next level:

Google+ Integration with Search Results

In the image above (double click to enlarge if difficult to see), Google is bringing in results from all peoples and pages. Also, note the prominence of its location. It sits right next to the top 3 sponsored results and above the right hand column of sponsored ads. Furthermore, the Google+ results are much more visually compelling. What does this all mean? Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • Brand marketers should think really hard about the content they put on their Google+ pages and those individuals that might be placing content on Google+. This means that Google+ is really going to be a part of search strategy.
  • According to Google, the higher the quality of content, the more likely it will appear in these results. This implies brands will need to think hard about the content in Google+ that will likely help them appear here. Is there first mover advantage? Does this size of your Google+ network matter? Does the page or person’s profile image match with the brand’s image?
  • Who is responsible for managing content that could appear here and how does it align with other SEM and SEO activities? Is it possible that Google+ content could contradict what companies are doing in SEO and SEM? Also, for firms in regulated industries, how is Google+ showing up in this fashion a liability?How is it recorded for record keeping.

So if this is to stick around, Google+ has just introduced a new avenue for being relevant and a real strong reason to be active in Google+. What are any other thoughts and opinions on this topic?


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