Spotify and The US Digital Music Landscape

September 12, 2011 § 3 Comments

September 12, 2011. Over the last decade, like many things, the music landscape has changed dramatically. However, I think we are finally at a point of emerging stasis. There are several digital distribution ecosystems that seem stable (i.e. iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc), digital music adoption is incredibly high (by 2012, according to Yankee Group/Internet Retailer, more music will be sold digitally than in stores) and the supporting technologies are everywhere (i.e. any device that can play or stream music. which is just about everything these days).

In thinking about my experience over the last decade…here is what I recall, where I think we will end up, and my thoughts on the disruption I expect Spotify to cause:

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Will iCloud Have 5 Million Users by January 1, 2013

June 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

June 30, 2011.  Last night I got into a debate with a good friend about whether or not iCloud could reach 5 million users by 2013, essentially a year after its release this fall.

I took the side that 5 million, while it does not sound like a lot of people, is from a music/technology perspective. I think the uphill battle for Apple is that both Google and Amazon’s service do not seem to be taking off, that people are not ready for another conversion effort (it really was not that long ago that we all turned our CDs to digital), and for many of us…having music locally stored is working fine.

On the other hand, my friend believes that this service is going to be incredibly convenient, the conversion will be simple since it just requires a scan and match (which in many cases may result in getting higher quality music), its inexpensive at $25 per year, and with Wi-Fi everywhere users will always have access to their music without being tied to any one device.

I like all of these ideas in principle. However, there are some issues worth mentioning.

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